Serum Medutox

Skin rejuvenation agent

Serum Medutox
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Medutox for skin rejuvenation in Bulgaria

Medutox face serum is an effective remedy for skin rejuvenation. You can buy at a bargain price on the official website. Placing an order is very simple: fill out the form and wait for the call from the manager. Hurry to place an order, because only today there is a 50% discount for new customers.Special offer - Medutox Serum for only leva 59.

Means for skin rejuvenation Medutox is an innovative development of European dermatologists. The gel has a complex effect on the skin, eliminates the signs of aging, cares with care and stimulates the regeneration of the epidermis.

Medutox serum is an effective replacement for salon procedures available to every woman.Proven: in just 12 days of regular use, the cream reduces deep wrinkles by 40%, lifts the oval and evens out the complexion.

Reasons of aging

Reasons of aging

You can't escape age, but with Medutox cream you will look 5-10 years younger. The regenerating gel will provide the necessary support to the skin, reduce existing wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones.

Product information

An organic composition, a convenient form of release, a quickly visible result: you will find all this in the anti-aging serum Medutox. The omnidirectional action of the cream will provide high quality complex skin care.

Medutox Gel - a joint development of European and Israeli dermatologists, product number 1 according to leading experts in the beauty industry.

international name Medutox
What's this Serum for home use
Appointment Facial skin rejuvenation, regeneration, wrinkle smoothing
Peculiarities Quickly visible results, skin restoration and rejuvenation on a cellular level, versatility
For who For the care of skin with signs of aging
Composition Organic formula
Safety ISO international quality certificate, the product is 100% safe for health
Buyer ratings 4. 9 out of 5, the product got 98% positive reviews from men

Vitamin Face Bomb Medutox

Medutox is the first complex serum. The product will provide a complete restoration of the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.

How does it work:

The Medutox serum promises rejuvenation for 5 years in just one cycle of use. In the course of research on the cream, it was found that 12 days of using the serum is indeed comparable to the course of professional lifting procedures in the beautician's office.

What's in the composition?

Medutox - the choice of cosmetologists

Medutox face serum has become a real breakthrough in Bulgaria. The balanced organic formula provides a powerful anti-aging effect and regeneration of the skin of the face at any age. Medutox cream is chosen by cosmetologists and normal women for its fast action, pleasant texture and affordable cost.

Now the wrinkle remedy is easy to order via the official website (Bulgaria). Only today there is a special offer for new customers, and you can purchase Medutox at the price of leva 59 and find out the price in other countries.Hurry to take advantage of the 50% discount, place your order now.The number of promotional items is limited.

Doctor's review

Doctor Cosmetologist Димитър Петров Димитър Петров
24 years
Many women in Bulgaria complain that they cannot find quality home care. I am very happy that you can now buy Medutox. This is a wonderful serum that can transform the skin in just one month. It will be an excellent alternative to biorevitalization procedures. The serum deeply hydrates, fights the signs of aging at every stage, is versatile and suitable for any age. The composition is rich in organic peptides, the product stimulates the production of collagen and perfectly shapes the contours of the face.