Instructions for use Medutox

The Medutox Facial Rejuvenation Product is specially designed for daily use. Follow the instructions for use to achieve the intended effect.

How to use Medutox

How to use the serum

  1. Wash your face, rinse off the remnants of makeup and impurities
  2. Pat your skin dry with a paper towel to remove excess moisture
  3. Apply the cream along the massage lines
  4. Leave until completely absorbed
  5. Use in the morning and in the evening

The skin rejuvenation product goes well with any other cosmetic product. It can be used under decorative cosmetics. If you have very dry skin, cover with cream - apply your day or night cream a few minutes after the serum.

Tip from the beautician: For a better effect of the serum, clean your face with a toner before applying it. The toner will restore the pH after washing and will provide more efficient transport of the active ingredients to the deep layers of the skin.

The product has a light gel consistency. It absorbs very quickly, leaves no stickiness. A light floral scent completes the effect of the rejuvenating serum with aromatherapy. The product is versatile, suitable for use at any time. Use in any season. Indication - signs of aging: wrinkles and loss of firmness. Recommended for use from the age of 25.

Test yourself to see if the serum is right for you

For whom is the Medutox serum suitable
  • Dry and loose skin
  • There are wrinkles around the eyes, lips or between the eyebrows
  • The complexion is dull, it looks tired
  • There are irritation, inflammation, enlarged pores
  • The skin lacks natural radiance
  • The contours of the face are no longer as clear as before
  • There are peeling and dry patches
  • Local redness
  • Dark circles around the eyes

If you agree with at least two statements, start using Medutox instead. The product will not only eliminate existing imperfections and smooth out wrinkles, it will also prevent the appearance of new signs of aging.

There are no contraindications. The product is suitable for all skin types and can be used on inflamed and irritated skin. The formula has been clinically tested and meets international quality and safety standards. The serum does not cause allergies or other unwanted side reactions.

Research and effectiveness

The light texture of the serum provides rapid hydration and deep nourishment of the facial skin. All components of the composition have been clinically tested. During the research, the efficacy of the product, the anti-aging effect and the safety of the formula were demonstrated. The composition is free of hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, parabens and GMOs.

During the tests, it was found that the effect of the application is best manifested after 4 weeks of regular use of the serum.

  • The first week.The skin is hydrated and radiant, the complexion is more even.
  • Second week.Expression lines are reduced by 50%, the skin is more elastic, the pores are invisible.
  • Third week.The skin is firm, hydrated, there are no signs of fatigue, a healthier complexion appears. Expression lines are invisible, the depth of large wrinkles and folds is halved, the oval of the face is more toned.
  • Fourth week.The skin looks 5-10 years younger, wrinkles are invisible, a clear and taut oval of the face.

Medutox will help preserve beauty and youth for many years. Hurry to place an order, while a special offer is in effect in Bulgaria and the price of whey is halved.